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Milbon Head Spa Treatment

​I am here to change your perception of getting your hair done at the salon! Healthy hair is and has always been my top priority. Healthy hair starts at the scalp and is treated from the inside out. Dry and flaky, oily and itchy scalp? I have a treatment for that!

​In-house treatments are imperative to maintain healthy hair after chemical services and the daly use of hot tools on our hair. The Milbon Head Spa Treatment is no different. Over time we experience a build up on the hair as well as scalp. Build up is caused by hard water, product, environmental (dirt, pollution in the air). Excessive fatty acids can also cause build up on the scalp from sweat and oil production. If not properly detoxed, our scalp will go into defense mode and can either overproduce or underproduce oil. This then can result into flaking on the scalp an overly oily scalp as well as an itchy scalp. Just like our face, we need to make sure all impurities are being thoroughly rinsed from the scalp and hair. This then will allow the scalp to breathe, preventing pores from clogging.

The Milbon Head Spa Treatment is the ultimate facial for your scalp. I will care for your scalp as well as provide a tension releasing massage throughout your head spa experience. Drift away at the shampoo bowl with relaxing music and the scent of essential oils lingering in the air. The Milbon Head Spa Treatment is meant to treat and improve scalp health with the added bonus of providing a spa like experience here in the hair salon. This one of a kind treatment can be added to a haircut and chemical service or the treatment can be scheduled as a stand alone, treatment only service.

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